Kerry Kriseman

Kerry is the author of "Accidental First Lady," a memoir about her time as a political spouse.
After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019, Kerry has begun to use her political gravitas for patient advocacy. She's currently cancer-free. Kerry Kriseman photo
In addition to writing about her experience, Kerry is working with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance to advocate for more research funding, and to improve treatment disparities among various populations. 
Kerry works in public relations for Creative Clay Inc., in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she is from, and where her husband Rick is the former mayor. 
Having graduated with a B.A. in mass communication and broadcasting from the University of South Florida, Kerry started her career as a reporter for the former St. Petersburg Times, now known as the Tampa Bay Times. She has two kids: Jordan, 23 years old, and Samuel, 18. 

Check out Kerry’s Life Inside essay, "They told me I was dying: Why doctors' words matter." Follow her on Twitter @KKriseman.

Buy Kerry's book, "Accidental First Lady," on Amazon or from the publisher directly.

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