Andrew Anson

Andrew is a board-certified psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and attending psycho-oncology physician at Yale University in New Haven.
Andrew lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he also has a private practice, Andrew Anson bio pic for Barred Owl PressThe Wald. 
There, Andrew offers psychotherapy, virtual analysis, telepsychiatry and psychopharmacology to individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, grief, trauma, addiction, postpartum struggles, gender and sexual issues and other
relationship difficulties.
He's also part of a collective of young psychoanalysts interested in applying the early writings of Freud to a digital generation. 

Alexandra and Andrew first met at a New York University fiction writing class in 2012 and have since been friends and writing partners. 

See Andrew's opinion piece, Mourning and Melanias. See Andrew's related kickstarter, American Déc. Check out Andrew's instagram, @therealwald.

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