Bottom, Leggings, Yoga, Cool Black: Bear


These bear yoga pants and the bear leggings are staples in Alexandra's closet.

A blend of polyester (82%) and spandex (18%), made from microfiber yarn, they'll never lose their stretch. They have an elastic waistband that sits just above the belly button. They're thicker than the leggings and are made for doing the splits.

Alexandra pairs them with her life inside cropped tees; her butterflies, roses, and original Saturday tees; and her butterflies and roses tank tops. Feel free to mix and match!

There's a pocket in the back where she puts her phone when she walks her dog, Lily.

Check out her essay, "Saving Myself When No One Else is Around," on Life Inside. We took Kirsten Kramer's illustration from that essay and made it a textile for the bear collection.

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